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Heritage Trail

Columba Heritage Trail

The Columba Heritage Trail was commissioned by The Churches Trust as part of its contribution to the cultural heritage and life of the city and to celebrate City of Culture. 

Columba Heritage Trail Map.png

The Columba Heritage Trail is highly symbolic as it utilises the Peace Bridge and part of the walls which is believed to be the original pilgrims trail in to the city.

The Trail offers something unique among the range of guided tours in our City – this is the only one that focuses on the City’s shared Christian heritage.

The footsteps of reflection and healing signal a new chapter for the citizens of this City as well as celebrating our shared heritage. The Trail connects the past with the present and articulates the aspirations for the future.

Columba Statue.png

A sculpture of the Saint, by artist Niall Bruton, is located in

St Columb’s Park at the start of the trail.


He is depicted releasing a Dove the symbol of Peace, which has been adopted as the trail’s logo.

Aims of the Heritage Trail

The City of Derry~ Londonderry has a rich Christian Heritage with Saint Columba recognised as patron Saint of the City.


This unifying figure and the surrounding rich heritage:​

Brings our communities together through the symbolic linking of East 
and West banks via to the Trail

Links the past with the present and provides an opportunity to reflect 
and heal the division and hurt in our community

Contributes to good relations in the City

Addresses the shared safe space agenda through cultural 
animation of public realm


Enhances tourism


Heritage Trail

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