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Supporting Independent Living for People Over 65
Where is Flexicare available?

Flexicare is carried out depending on the needs of the recipient. The recipient of the care may wish to have someone come to their home and perhaps take them out for a day of shopping or simply for a coffee. This is a service that out volunteers are willing to provide. Or the recipient may just want someone to give them a hand with some tasks around the house that they can no longer do for themselves or maybe they simply wish for a companion for a few hours a day. The point being our wonderful volunteers carry out these services wherever they are needed.

Why was Flexicare started?

Here at The Churches Trust we believe in a future free of isolation or deprivation, and we are fully aware that some people over the age of 65 may have lost the ability to perform simple tasks or have simply found themselves looking into from society from the outside. We believe that something as simple as out volunteers providing services such as taking someone out for the day that can't necessarily do so by themselves for one reason or another gives them the route they need back into society therefore in the long run eliminating the social deprivation that they suffer from.

Who provides this service?

This service could not exist if it wasn’t for our wonderful volunteers than selflessly donate a few hours of their own time per week in-order to do some good for their community as they believe in the cause just as much as we do for one reason or another.

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What services do we provide?

Shopping- We provide support that is needed so that you can go shopping ot we can even do the shopping for you

Individual Support- We can also simply provide chaperoning, befriending, someone to help you attend a healthcare appointment, collecting prescriptions or every undertaking one-off cleaning tasks.

Befriending- Providing you with the support after a hospital discharge or post illness, assistance with mobilising or just someone to talk to

Sitting Services- Respite provision for the main carer provided within the home.

Health Improvement/Health Promotion- We will enable you to attend and avail of health Promotion and Health Improvement activities specifically aimed at promoting good health and promoting community involvement.

How do you access this service?

This service can be accessed through a referral from a social worker


If you would like to request the service directly contact us directly and we will do our best to provide the service to cater your needs.

Who can you contact about this service

For further information you can contact the following:

Elaine Power,

Flexicare co-ordinator,

The Churches Trust Ltd.

028 7131 1322

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