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Pantry Project

Journey Together

This project was carried out in 2016 to commemorate the events of 1916. The project is now complete.


This was a project made in conjunction with schools to teach children of the events of 100 years ago
What is the Journey Together project?

The ‘Journey Together’ project was initiated by the Church Leaders in the North West area who together with secondary school Principals and History Teachers  developed a programme focusing on the events of 100 years ago and their lasting legacy.  Together, church leaders, teachers and students learned about our shared history and appreciated how these events should be jointly celebrated.  They envisioned the society that they would see 30 years from now, exploring the role they can play in creating a shared future.  The critical focus of the project was to provide an opportunity for joint and shared education as opposed to exploring commemoration in isolation with a pre-defined single narrative. 

Who was involved in this project?

There were 14 cross community schools involved in the project which had engaged history teachers and a total of 60 students.

What was included in this project?

Two workshops where they will learn about the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme via different digital practices, and produce materials that can be showcased back at assembly or class groups in their individual schools. 

- An educational study trip to Dublin which will include a visit to the World War I Memorial Gardens, a guided walking tour focusing on the Easter Rising, a visit to Collins Barracks.

- An educational study trip to The Somme Heritage Center where they will examine Ireland's role in the 1st World War with special reference to the cross-community involvement in the 3 local volunteer Divisions: the 10th and 16th (Irish) Divisions and the 36th (Ulster) Division. 

- A visit to the Museum services exhibition examining student reflections 1916 – 2016.


- A final commemoration service where the outcomes of the project will be showcased and students will get a chance to tell their story about the ‘Journey Together’

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