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Maintenance Service

Maintenance Services that we can provide to everyone in the general public include tasks such as grass cutting, painting etc.


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What is the Maintenance Service?

The Churches Trust offers their own low cost maintenance service to everyone in the local community. What this essentially means is that we will provide the services of a handyman without the premium costs that comes with it.

Why was the Maintenance Service started?

The Maintenance Service that we provide as stated above is low cost. This was the whole reason this service was started. It means that everyone is able to access the help that they may need with tasks such as lawn maintenance regardless of their financial position.

Who provides this service?

This service is provided by the employees for all customers in the local community.

What services are available to the customer?

Services that are available to all customers include:
- Gardening (Grass Cutting and Hedge Trimming)
- Painting and Decorating 
- Power Washing
- Guttering/ Fascia Cleaning
- Removals 
- Grave Maintenance

What cost is involved for these services?

The cost that is generally involved is kept a low as we possibly can however there is a cost involved for traveling and also the resources and equipment used to complete each service.

How to access this service?

To access this service you simply have to contact The Churches Trust on 71 311 322

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