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Past Projects

The Churches Trust has delivered numerous projects over the years. 

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Celebrating Commonality

A unique cross-border initiative of the European Union which has been designed to support peace and reconciliation in the border Region of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Journey Together

The ‘Journey Together’ project was initiated by the Church Leaders in the North West area who together with secondary school Principals and History Teachers  developed a programme  focusing on the events of 100 years ago and their lasting legacy. 

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Past Projects

Columba Heritage Trail Map.png

The Columba Heritage Trail

The Columba Heritage Trail was commissioned by The Churches Trust as part of its contribution to the cultural heritage and life of the city and to celebrate City of Culture.

A sculpture of the Saint, by artist Niall Bruton, is located in St Columb’s Park at the start of the trail. He is depicted releasing a Dove the symbol of Peace, which has been adopted as the trail’s logo.

Past Projects

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