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Training and Employment

Training and Employment


Training and employment is offered those that wish to better themseleves in areas such as Maths and English

What is Training and Employment?

The Training and Emploment service that we offer can be utalised for a variety of diffrent reasons. All the support that we provide in this service however is aimed towards a common goal, which is to help those that who need support to launch themselves back into the work of employment. Weither you need to gain a qualification for a job that you desire or you simply need help with your employablitly, The Churches Trust can offer assistance to help you improve.

Where is this service held?

The Training and Employmeny service is held in the offices of The Churches Trust, where we will have someone come in and help you in whatever area you need.

What services are available?

Employablility - 

Work Placements - 

Literacy and Numeracy 

Buissiness Admin - 

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How to access this service?

To access this service simply contact the offices of The Churches Trust to make and enquiry. Please note that the availablity of this service may be limited so make sure to ask.

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