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The Churches’ Trust is an interdenominational organisation established by the leaders of Christian churches to respond to deprivation in the area. The Churches’ Trust supports local people in crisis, respecting their dignity at all times, whilst signposting them to community groups and other agencies to address circumstances leading to the crisis situation.

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Our Mission

The Churches Trust work is characterised by two main facets:  on the one hand addressing deprivation and social injustice, working with people at the margins of society; and on the other hand, churches standing together with a united voice in an area plagued with the legacy of division through the troubles in Northern Ireland, aiming to create a shared and better future for all.  Hence,


Churches Standing Together With Those in Need

Our Goals for the Future

1. To proactively enhance and support the economic, social and cultural development of all our communities within the North West region

​​2. To develop and provide quality services that tackle deprivation and disadvantage focusing on social inclusion, equality of opportunity, and improving community relations

​​3. To promote a more united, shared and cohesive society working in collaboration with churches from various faith traditions, schools and a diverse range of community groups. 

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