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Our City Our Story

The Our City Our Story Project runs in partnership with North West Regional College and explores Good Relations through multimedia.

In conjunction with North West Regional College, this project works with first-year digital media production students to explore various issues on the theme of good relations. 

Students on the project also get the opportunity to explore the life and legacy of Columba and the Columba Heritage trail.

This project is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

2021/2022 Project

This year's project saw a return to ‘normality’ with sessions being delivered face to face.​ 

The students had an opportunity to record our production of the Columba Pageant which gave them experience in live recording and editing. The film can be viewed here

The students have also completed an OCN in Prejudice and Discrimination. 

camera crew 2.jpg

2020/2021 Project

This year's delivery was adapted in response to the global pandemic and resulting societal 'lockdown'.

Embracing new technology and moving to digital delivery brought new learning, new challenges, and new opportunities.

This year's project was delivered mainly over Zoom, with some sessions happening face to face.​ The students completed an OCN in Good relations and also made trailers for the Columba Heritage Trail.

2021 Trailers

Scroll through to see all the students work.

Project Archives

The Our City Our Story project has been running for many years, and during this time, an innumerable amount of videos have been created.

Below is a selection of these videos.

OCOS Archives