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Columba Ambassadors

A new project for 2021 as part of the celebrations for the 1500th Anniversary of Columba's birth.

The Columba Ambassadors project aims to empower young people to play a role in ensuring the lessons and legacy of Colmcille/Columba continue through shared learning about the life of Columba, and the design and development of an app of the Columba Heritage Trail.

A group of fourteen young people aged between 11 and 14, started this project in May 2021.  This group of young people will be the first to complete a new, bespoke OCN on Columba which was created by the Churches Trust.

The culmination of this learning has resulted in the creation of an app that guides you around the Columba Heritage Trail. The young people went out and took photos, created text, and had complete control over the design of the app.

This project has been supported through the Colmcille1500 Grant Scheme which is funded by the North West Development Fund and Creative Ireland, in conjunction with and supported by The Executive Office and The Irish Government.

The App

Our app is now available on the Google Playstore for all Android devices!!

Click the image below to find our app on the Google Playstore.

Columba Heritage Trail.png
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