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Older Peoples Services

Older Peoples Services

The Churches Trust offer this service as they believe in a future free from isolation and deprivation, and are aware that some individuals may have lost the ability to perform simple tasks. 

Image by Josh Appel

The service is provided by our team of Personal Assistants who are experienced and qualified to carry out an excellent service to anyone who needs their help.


The services offered by the Personal Assistants are at an affordable rate and include the following:


  • Shopping- Support offered so that you can go shopping or we can even do the shopping for you

  • Individual Support- Providing you with the support after a hospital discharge or post illness, assistance with mobilising or just someone to talk to. 

  • Befriending- ​ Offering supportive, reliable relationships to people who would otherwise be socially isolated​


  • Sitting Services- Respite provision for the main carer provided within the home.

  • Appointments – Accompany individuals to hospital and medical appointments. 


  • Cleaning and Laundry- Help with light housework and laundry

If you wish to avail of this service please get in touch.

Telephone: 02871311322


Older Peoples Services

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