Isolation, deprivation and social injustice is a huge problem in today’s society and we believe it is a problem worth addressing.

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Our aim is to fight against all forms of deprivation in the community and to ensure a future where nobody feels isolated or alone

St Columb’s Park House

St Columb’s Park House  is a beautiful 18th century manor house located in the park in the Waterside. The grounds were used as a base during the Seige of Derry. The house has connections to the well-known author Thackeray and the Second World War. The house re-opened in 1994 as a Peace Centre offering a safe neutral venue delivering a range of outreach projects. St Columb's Park House also offers other facilites, a modern café to accommodate up to 50 people. The house is adjacent to the iconic sculpture of St Brecan's Church, the starting point of The Columba Heritage Trail.

Áras Colmcille The Saint Columba Heritage Centre

Located near Derry's 17th Century walls, Áras Cholmcille Heritage Centre offers a unique insight into the City's ancient Monastic roots and its shared Christian Heritage. The centre is housed in a former infants school, now a B2 listed building. Mary of the original features such as the gallery classroom, Gothic windows and hand carved Balustrades have been retailed and integrated into a bespoke child friendly audio-visual experience.

Northwest Methodist Mission

The first Waterside Methodist Church (the Hall at Clooney) was opened on our current site in May 1862 and enlarged in 1893 while the extension into mission work for the Church was started during 1894 and resulted in the setting up of the City Mission.

Northwest Volunteer Centre 

The North West Volunteer Centre aims to establish a supportive relationship both amongst individuals seeking to volunteer and organisations that are seeking to involve volunteers.  So if you or someone you know has a passion for getting involved in a volunteering activity, then the North West Volunteer Centre is here to support you in making those important connections.

Greater Shantallow Area Partnership

GSAP is a key community support agency in the Greater Shantallow Area working with and on behalf of local residents and the community. 

Greater Shantallow Area Partnership's Facebook Page

Waterside Neighbourhood Partnership

The WNP is the organisation responsible for delivering neighbourhood renewal in the Waterside area of L'derry/Derry. It includes NHIP and Derry 2020.

Waterside Neighbourhood Partnership's Facebook Page

   Presbyterian Church

   The Presbyterian Church in Ireland has over 240,000 members belonging to 545 congregations across 19 Presbyteries throughout  

   Ireland, north and south. Irish Presbyterianism had its origins in Scottish migrations to Ulster in the early seventeenth century.


Roman Catholic, Diocese of Derry

The Diocese of Derry is a diocese in the north of Ireland. It is in the ecclesiastical province of Armagh. The diocese was established in the year 1158. The diocese consists of almost fifty parishes and some number of religious congregations have houses in various parts of the diocese.

The Church of Ireland, Derry and Raphoe Diocese

Derry and Raphoe is the Church of Ireland in the North West of Ireland / Northern Ireland. We have over 50 clergy serving 15,000 people in 48 parishes from Kilowen to Ardara, and Omagh to Moville

The Methodist Church in Ireland

The Methodist Church is a worldwide communion of over 70 million people which originated from the time of the Wesley brothers, John and Charles, in the mid-eighteenth century.