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Small Furnishings

Small Furnishings

Small Furnishings has a wide variety of furniture donated by the public in good quality at great prices 


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Where is Small Furnishings Located

Small Furnishings can be found in Duke Street, Derry/Londonderry, N.Ireland. Alternatively Twice but Nice can be contacted for further information on what Small Furnishings currently have stocked.

What does Small Furnishings Sell?

Small Furnishings sell all types of furniture that they receive as donations from the general public. Items that they would have for sale would include: 

     - Sofas

     - Drawers 

     - Beds

     - Wardrobes

NOTE: All items listed may not be available as stock depends on the donations of the public.

Where does Small Furnishings proceeds go?

Small Furnishings is owned and run by The Churches Trust. Any funds that are made up by the store go directly to The Churches Trust. This money is then used so that The Churches trust can bring services such as the Maintenance service or the Flexicare service to those that need it the most at the lowest possible cost.

Where does Small Furnishings get its stock?

Small Furnishings is completely dependent on the kindness of the general public. It is only with the public’s kind donations of their unwanted goods that the store can exist. We are grateful for all donations although we do ask that any donations made be to an appropriate condition so that it can still be of value to the customers.

How can you make a Donation to the shop?

Like all charity shops we welcome donations of all shapes and sizes with open arms. We accept almost any item you can think of except electrical items. If you want to make a donation to the shop there are a few different methods to do just that. They are as follows:


                                          1- Drop your unwanted items directly into the store.


                                          2- If the item is too large to transport or there are too many items for you to transport,                                               we offer a removal service where out staff will come to your premsis and take the                                                 donations to the shop you. (Note any item(s) which is deemed to be in too bad  a                                                   condition by the staff will not be taken.)

Who handles the day to day running of Small Furnishings

Small Furnishings has a nice blend of both Churches Trust staff members and also some of our wonderful volunteers who dedicate a few hours of their time each week to supporting out cause. Find out how you can get involved. 

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